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Unicia R Buster

The Endangered, Can Art Save Them?

An International Art Exhibition

(November 7 through January 8, 2021)


Unicia Buster, a native of Richmond, Va., received a bachelor of fine arts degree from Cornell University and a master of arts degree from George Mason University. Buster has been a featured speaker at various events in Richmond including TEDxRVA and the Good Grief Conference. She has been featured in various media including WWBT NBC12, Nest Realty's Magazine, B-Side Collective Magazine, and the Richmond Times Dispatch. Most recently, Buster has been selected to design the poster for the annual 2nd Street Festival in Richmond.


I feel deeply for our earth but at the same time hopeless for her. Our human presence has only grown and plagued her with countless atrocities. The little I do is but a needle in the ocean but combined with others is a landfill crashing upon the sands. This painting, a self portrait, is a reflection of my plight. I see myself as equal to nature instead of above it. I respect her and all her wonders and I know her powers. I imagine a space where we are made much smaller and our environmental impact on earth is far less extensive if impactful at all. A place where the common octopus sees me as just another fish in the sea and is not afraid to turn his back to me. Where the blue whale gives a gleeful splash knowing I'm not here to harm her. And the clown fish delights in my presence because just like the anemone, they know I will protect them. I exist in this place and it exists in me. Yet it does not exist and, as a human, I stand apart surrounded by my plastic and cut trees. Using vast amounts of energy in exchange for comforts and amenities. The octopus in his aquarium stares at me. Where will I stand when the earth ceases to be?

Unicia R Buster

Unicia R Buster

United States of America

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