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Schroeder Cherry

The Endangered, Can Art Save Them?

An International Art Exhibition

(November 7 through January 8, 2021)


Originally from Washington, D.C. , Schroeder Cherry is a now Baltimore-based artist and 2019 Sondheim competition finalist who captures everyday scenes of African diaspora life. He earned a bachelor's degree in painting and puppetry from The University of Michigan; a master's degree in museum education from George Washington University; and a doctorate in museum education from Columbia University. His works are found in private and public collections across the US. In 2020 He was awarded the Municipal Art Society of Baltimore City Artist Travel Prize for research in Bahia, Brazil.


My art works are open-ended narratives inspired by travel, music, literature, folklore, and everyday events. Mixed-media assemblage paintings on wood often incorporate discarded objects. Keys and locks represent tools of access. Watermelon slices refute negative stereotypes by representing positive aspects of the African diaspora. Glass shards, metal, buttons and playing cards all become part of the materials telling a story.

The works are open ended because there is no one story; viewers bring their own experiences to each piece. I often make art in series. This is allows me to explore an idea in depth and play with variations of a theme.

Schroeder Cherry

Schroeder Cherry

United States of America

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