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Michael Putorti

The Endangered, Can Art Save Them?

An International Art Exhibition

(November 7 through January 8, 2021)


My name is Michael Putorti. I graduated from Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree. During my undergraduate career, my concentration was in printmaking, specifically linocuts. A lot of my work takes on a socio-cultural aspect. My subject matter consists of topics that I feel are not discussed enough and so I want my art to not only bring those issues to people's attention but also educate them on the issues that we face today.


This series, "Anthropocene", a term used by environmentalists to describe the period where humans have had a significant influence on the environment, depicts the various organisms affected. However, instead of showing the gruesome images caused by man, I am instead showing these animals as being strong and powerful. My goal for this series is to showcase the beauty within each of these creatures and inspire viewers to take action and help these animals. At the current rate, many species will have become extinct. But we still have the chance to step in and save them. They are still here, but for how much longer depends on us.

Michael Putorti

Michael Putorti

United States of America

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