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Luke Ryan

The Endangered, Can Art Save Them?

An International Art Exhibition

(November 7 through January 8, 2021)


LUKE RYAN......artist
.....Luke Ryan grew up at Astoria ,Queens...when most kids
were out playing stick ball Luke was inside his apartment working
on one of his hand drawn comic was evident that Luke
was different than the rest of the kids on the block...this creative
nature found a home at the High School of Art and Design followed
by four years at the School of Visual Arts..after graduation Luke
began freelancing as an Editorial Illustrator..he developed a
hyper-realistic style that was perfect for book covers and magazine
articles..Luke married..had a wonderful daughter ..drank a lot
of coffee and worked on a lot of deadlines..however Luke's
wandering creative spirit turned to music..Luke began playing
the coffee houses and bars in Greenwich Village...eventually
music eclipsed his art career and for the next three decades
he worked as a Subway Musician performing under the Music Under
New York banner..when that scene dried up he moved to Albany
where he has revisited his first love..the Visual Arts...
Luke works in a photo-realistic style often employing a technique
called stipple which is a process of creating drawings using hours upon
hours of applied dots..Luke has exhibited extensively at Galleries
in the Capital region....and he is excited to see where his art
will take him next


these pieces were the product of this long covid quarantine stay positive and fuel my resolve I embarked on a project that I call "Phenomenal Women"...featuring the individuals who have made the world a better place by their courage and creativity...

Luke Ryan

Luke Ryan

United States of America

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