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Nicole Knowlton


New Hampshire based painter, Nicole Knowlton, has been heavily experimenting with color theory and mood for the past several years. Originally a potter, Nicole blended her love of form with her new one of color and emotional concept. It has created powerful imagery and has led her to believe that both mediums can harmonize in an unconventional, yet conceptual manner.

Nicole's evolution has been a pathway to many challenging therapy sessions alongside the canvas; as well as introductions to mediums that were once intimidating. Her use of implied texture eludes to depth and deeper understanding. Nicole creates work to challenge the boundaries of comfort zones we all reside contently within.


Nicole Knowlton, is an art educator from Franconia, New Hampshire. She is an abstract painter, who identifies as being a conceptual artist, one who is exploring with color and the organic nature of paint. Her most recent work is highlighting her reflections from the past 2 years. A combination of light and dark, positive, and negative; all mixing together to create a difficult journey with beautiful outcomes through different pathways chosen.


- Nicole Knowlton

Littleton, New Hampshire

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