nancy sanders


My name is Nancy Sanders, I am a native Washingtonian who have live here all my life. I attended the DC public schools and has always had a creative spirit and love for art of any type. I am a self taught contemporary artist and I know that I received some of my art ability from my father Lee Allen Sanders who was a tailor by trade and a very gifted man with his hands. He carved out miniature furniture that was the exact replicas of the furniture in our home and he also made toys for us. I am very passionate about my art and would welcome the opportunity to excel in my art that I Love with all my heart and soul ❤💛💜


I Like contemporary art and I'm inspired by the artwork on the walls of different organizations such as Pepco Edison Gallery. Adult and children art work inspire me.

-Nancy Sanders

Washington, DC

"Into The Woods" by Nancy Sanders


"Photo Man" by Nancy Sanders


"Butterfly Cage" by Nancy Sanders


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