m. jane johnson


Born in Jacksonville, FLA, M. Jane Johnson started painting in oil at the age of seven. She earned her BFA from Stratford College in Danville, VA where she focused on painting and drawing with their program in Florence, Italy.

Johnson is a resident artists at the Workhouse Arts Center. She has algae solo shows in the metro DC area including the Art League Gallery, Artists & Makers, and the Arts Club of Washington. She teaches at the Workhouse and at the McLean Project for the Arts.


I call myself a builder as much as a painter given that I build layers and layers of acrylic paint, collage and drawing mediums to create rich, textural paintings. I build a chaotic assemblage of color, pattern, and texture and let the painting process guide me to completion. As the painting progresses images start to emerge and then I work to hone the underlying chaos into detailed beauty.

"Put A Bandaid On It"by M. Jane Johnson


"So Annoyed" by M. Jane Johnson


"The Embrace" by M. Jane Johnson


"Conversation with Yellow" by M. Jane Johnson


-M. Jane Johnson

Fairfax, Virginia



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