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Ernani silva


Born in Rio de Janeiro, I encountered many adversities. At an early age of four I displayed artistic gifts, however, my father discouraged any involvement with the arts. As a young man, I welcomed the opportunity to relocate to the United States, where I was further encouraged as an artist and musician. Through my spiritual drumming, guitar, singing, painting and cooking, this allows me to offer my international audience the compassion I discovered while invoking a purity of innovative expression that fills my creations with unconditional love. I work with various mediums and always concerned with creating new textural forms and compositions. By continually infusing collages, acrylic, oil, and organic elements, I bring a new dimension through multimedia. The material itself does not matter – the most important thing is the human feeling conveyed into the material. I also enjoy interacting with various cultures, while enhancing my multi-linguistic skills.


I appreciate my God-given talent and believe that art is a healing force. My inspiration is life itself by bringing joy, peace, and healing through the power of my gift. My paintings are my way of touching one's spirit and soul of others. Art took control of my life and healed me from the scars of abuse. I have helped others in their healing process by sharing what I have learned.” I enjoy working with underprivileged youths in Rio de Janeiro as well as, the United States by offerings ” Art To Heal Workshops” to children and disabled individuals. My art is also therapy for me; it is a cathartic force in my life as well as others. My inspiration is life itself.






-Ernani Silva

Long Island, New York

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