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erin starr


Erin Starr (American b.1970, Kansas City), Erin's painting is primarily in the medium of acrylic, ink, and oil. She graduated from Graceland University in 1992 with a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Art and was awarded the Claudia Van Bibler Award of Excellence for her work during her 4 years at Graceland University. Erin began showing her work immediately out of college in Seattle, Washington.

Erin Starr paints primarily the female body as a discovery of a women’s strength vs. vulnerability. For Erin painting is about the beauty, movement, and discovering the inner soul of a person. Erin has many series of paintings in which her approach to the body is different but maintains the core element; the strength depicted in the pose of the female body and the bold use of color. She uses paint with a mixed medium of acrylic, oil, and ink to layer, texture, and or simplify the body and the surrounding.

Erin was selected by a panel of Jurors for the Ad Art Show in NYC during Frieze Art Week New York 2019. Her work was displayed digitally in the Oculus World Trade Center on large scale screens. She has exhibited continuously with Gallery Z in Providence, Rhode Island since 2006. In November 2016 she was part of the Accessible Art Fair New York, located at the National Arts Club in New York City. She also had exhibited with Space Womb Gallery, New Century Artist, and Agora Gallery in New York City. She has shown in a large solo exhibit at Beco Gallery in Kansas City, MO. Her paintings are part of an ongoing exhibit in Belgium and Germany with Little Van Gogh since 2000. She has shown her work in Montreal, Canada, as well as numerous galleries across the United States. Her works belong in private collections around the world including Europe, Nepal, South Korea, and Canada.


As a woman, it seems right to paint the body, not as a symbol of just beauty but the understanding of what it means to be a woman. This has taken me on a journey over the years. A journey to paint the woman in a bold and sometimes shocking pose to represent a woman’s body as beautiful, meaningful, soulful, vs a sexual symbol. I have painted the body to show movement and life, and sometimes power or vulnerability”. "Painting does not come from sight or touch, but my endless thoughts, racing on a journey. A journey of self-discovery, beautiful, cruel, alone, and naked.










-Erin Starr

Providence, Rhode Island

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