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Darcy Lynn


I was born in Los Angeles LA, into an artistic environment, and received my first painting lessons from my mother, a fine artist. My grandfather, Burt Johnson was a well- known sculptor in the USA during the early part of the 20th century.
Education: Drawing and painting with Don Lewellyn and John Torreanno at SUNY College, Purchase, NY. While living in the former artists haven “Soho”, in New York City studied painting with Bruce Dorfman at the Art Student’s League and individual painting instruction with Bruce Boice from School of Visual Arts in NYC.


I knew I was an artist when I did my first oil painting at age 11 – and I never looked back. I paint a variety of subjects: nature, places I have travelled, portraits, and female nudes. Painting, for me, is a sensual experience. My palette is rich in color and I delineate the forms to enhance the power of my vision. I put on canvas what I feel when inspired by the subjects I am drawn to. I want to create an environment of fantasy, a recollection of a memory, vision of a place, a mood, or moment. I am also an author of “Myself Resolved, An Artist Confronts Cancer”, which includes a series of paintings I did while battling lymphoma. A DVD is also available, called “Healing Through Art”. I also traveled throughout the USA where I did presentations of the series.

















-Darcy Lynn

Brooklyn, New York

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