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Tamika Ann Bright-Stubblefield

The Child Factor

International Art Exhibition

(February15 through November 15, 2021)

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Tamika Bright-Stubblefield is a multimedia artist and muralist from Alexandria,VA. With a degree in Human Services and Studio Art, she created an art education brand called EVOKENATIONS. EVOKENATIONS focuses on mental health, improving interpersonal skills and building a strong sense of self-worth. Since 2010 she has been able to create art exhibitions, teach art classes to the elderly and youth, beautify Virginia through murals, public art and more.

Tamika is inspired by surreal artists such as M.C Escher and Salvador Dali. She loves to use bright colors while challenging the viewer to think about tough subjects. For this piece, "Drowning", bright colors and gouache were used to capture and keep the viewer's attention. This piece explores the feelings of children who are introduced to medication at such a young age . Children who are told there is something wrong with them just because they learn differently or have a hard time concentrating. Children who are dealing with mental disorders and behavioral issues. According to the CDC, Depression and anxiety levels have drastically increased amongst children through out the United States, within the last year. "Drowning" represents what it may feel like to be medicated at such a young age. Constantly battling dangerous side-effects, fear, stigmas , harmful environments, and miseducation. There is so much to take on as a child and our children's mental health is "Drowning". This is a problem we can no longer just throw pills at..



How can I love myself ? While I am drowning
Cant you see ?! I am DROWNING!

Tamika Ann Bright-Stubblefield

Tamika Ann Bright-Stubblefield

United States

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