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Elena Gaston-Nicolas

The Child Factor

International Art Exhibition

(February15 through November 15, 2021)

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I am Guardian of the planet. Multidimensional Artist, Ombudswoman of the Soul and Light Keeper. I grew in the mountains, so I have special sensitivity towards nature. My family, intellectual and politically committed, gave me true love, solid foundations, empathic perspective, social conscience and a holistic sense of reality. I love renaissance and encyclopedic thinking. I am involved in the study, protection and conservation of Natural Biotopes. Traveling have broadened my horizons. My stay in Sweden enriched my vision of education. I lived in Paris on 1986. In 1992. I graduated in Fine Arts (Sculpture specialty). When I give birth to my child, I devoted myself to Natural Childbirth. I have many professions, although I love working on Artistic Education, Music, and Theater.

I drank in the sources of Surrealism, Informalism, Abstract expressionism and later Transvanguardia, Land Art, Fluxus & Performance, I love Impressionism, fauvism, expressionism and Metaphysical Art.
I have learned that in Nature is all there is to know.
I think the world needs a paradigm shift a return to nature to re-find himself.
I am Classica, oneiric, immediate and emotional
I am a Visual Art Teacher. I like to make art in collaboration with my students, who participate with dedication and enthusiasm. The works that I have chosen for this exhibition have their stamp and imprint. Wholehearted and without fair. Most artists wish to return to the graphic courage of the 3 to 8 years, when the soul is pulsating, bright, radiant, free and courageous


What the Truth reveals.  We come from the Sun

What the Truth reveals. We come from the Sun

A couple of children in a fantasy background open a book from which the earth comes out in the shape of a heart with a golden halo. The children's figures, inspired by the drawings in the 1961 Odhams encyclopedia. It is a planetary plea for awakening by reading. Analogical reality makes us grow intellectually and humanly. It is important to transcend the barriers of the new cybernetic reality that sometimes deceives us in beliefs and automatisms that distance us from the holistic and multidisciplinary knowledge of Nature itself.

Earth is Everyone's Home

Earth is Everyone's Home

Created with my students in the first school I worked at in USA (Dodge Park ES) From the papers that the tables in the classroom were lined with.
It belongs to the series : Crossing The Big Waters in Search of The New World.
The whole title is:
Song of The sacred Loom (Tewa):
Oh Mother Earth Oh Father Heaven!
We are your sons,
and with our loaded back we bring gifts you love
Then, we weave a tissue splendor dress for you
Let the weft be the white light of the morning;
The Warp, the red light of the afternoon;
Fringes the falling rain;
and the border the rainbow that rises;
So we can walk conveniently
where birds sing
where grass is green.
Earth is Everyone’s Home
Monolith of 2001 A Space Odyssey Stanley Kubrick’s film
David’s Marble block rejected by Leonardo,
which Michelangelo took advantage of it
The Thinking Room
Rectangular Prisma, Charpentier’s Chromatic Cube rendering
Point and Line to Plane

Elena Gaston-Nicolas

Elena Gaston-Nicolas

United States

 Dodge Park ES Staff & Students RAM Picture

It is a group portrait of the teachers, staff and administrators at Landover Elementary School in Maryland, where I spent my first year in America and with whom I learned a great deal. In the background is a map of the United States of America with self-portraits of some of the students in white lines, imitating chalk on the blackboard. It is a schematic and caricatured line, but it faithfully reflects the faces and the gesture of the teachers. It is painted with the heart and donated to the school

Dodge Park ES Staff & Students RAM Picture

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