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Charmel Lester

The Child Factor

International Art Exhibition

(February15 through November 15, 2021)

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A native of Shreveport, Charmel Lester is known for her custom wall hangings and crochet creations. Charmel is a proud graduate of Caddo Magnet High School and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Hampton University. An avid traveler and arts enthusiast, Charmel has lived in several states and abroad, including Thailand.

Her passion to create started nearly twenty years ago, while making cards and small gifts for her friends and family. When she saw the happiness on their faces, she realized that it was time to embrace her talents. Her work has been featured in local boutiques and markets throughout North Louisiana.

In March of this year, Charmel was led to launch the Yarning for Hope Project in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Through Yarning for Hope, Charmel is working to boost the morale of the community-at-large by creating and installing original works of fabric art in public spaces.

Children are innocent human beings, shaped and molded by their environment and upbringing. With this in mind, I decided to incorporate education, healthcare, food and shelter into my piece.
These elements are essential to a child's developmental and cognitive skills. The colors of the yarn were chosen because the bright colors evoke a spirit of joy, wonder and creativity.
The fabric medium and the piece were turned into a plush item to create a sense of security for a child. The plush yarn piece is a tangible source of comfort, one that a child can hold onto in their time of need.
Lastly, love is the foundation of my work, and the inspiration for this piece. Its also the reason that i chose to create a heart to represent the immeasurable value that authentic love can provide for the child in all of us.

A Child's Heart

A Child's Heart

I was inspired to create this piece in recognition of the fundamental needs required to ensure the essential development of a child.

Charmel Lester

Charmel Lester

United States

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Portions of the proceeds will go to the Precious Gems charity.

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