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Bill Jones

The Child Factor

International Art Exhibition

(February15 through November 15, 2021)

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William has had an extensive artist background. He was trained as a traditional artist. He went to a Vocational High School and majored in commercial Art, also while attending school he was able to go to Pratt Institute were he was introduced the Fine arts. William joined the military and has a career as Visual Artist. He worked as Graphic Designer, Ground System Illustrator, Medical Illustrator and Graphics Instructor. William is a veteran, and is currently working as a Multimedia Illustrator.

I have always had a love for the arts, portrait painting and abstract art, being trained as a traditional artist, has given me the tools to create images that tell a story and make the viewer feel some type of emotion when they view my art work. My family and friends are part of my journey and inspiration. As a child, I grew up in New York City during the 60s and 70s with a twist of a southern background in North Carolina, which greatly influenced me as an artist, so many of images reflect the faces of people during those times, and the Civil Rights movement.

Just Chillin

Just Chillin

As a kid, growing up in the inner city of NY, this piece represents a safe place, which was my stoop in front of my home. Where family and friends would gather, were we laughed and some times solve problems. Seating on the stoop was considered a safe place.

Just Us

Just Us

This piece represents protection and love that siblings have for each other.

Bill Jones

Bill Jones

United States

Now I Lay Me

This piece represents the Innocent's of the child praying.

Now I Lay Me

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Portions of the proceeds will go to the Precious Gems charity.

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