Areej AlQaysi

The Child Factor

An International Art Exhibition

(February15 through September 15, 2021)


I am an Iraqi born Artist, student at RISD school of Design. Life has taken me in different directions, but my passion to Art has remained my first priority and love. I traveled to many countries and have been impressed by the beauty and culture of every single place I have been to. I currently live and work in VA/USA and in love of our community and people around me.


I am a visual Artist and painter. I use oil colours to do my artwork, I love to capture moments and memories. I love to use many shinny colours and I do believe in the impact of Art on our lives. This painting is about a child carrying her candle in life, the 2 hands represent the world, the people, and community who should protect this child and the hope this candle brings and enlighten the path, way and future ahead. Please join me in this campaign to protect our children because they are our FUTURE!

My Candle Is Our Future

Please join me in this campaign to protect our children because they are our FUTURE. My candle is our future.

Areej AlQaysi



Please contact the curator:

 Carolyn Goodridge at

Portions of the art sale proceeds will go to these two charities. Click to learn more about their work.


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