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Dr. Olga Zbarskaya


The President of OZCREDO, Dr. Olga Zbarskaya is a highly respected author, distinguished scholar, artist, and poet. She has authored many books including the textbook on creative thinking for higher education “Brainstorm! Practice for Unrestricted Imagination and Original Thought”. The creative genius, Olga was the artistic mind behind the one-of-a-kind Mind Booster Art. She has created multiple collections of acrylic, mixed media, and semiprecious stone art. Each piece of art blossoms with its temper, attitude, color, shape, pattern, texture, dynamic, and more. All characteristics are all joined together to stimulate the cognitive and emotional abilities of the viewer. They help to maximize your emotional fitness. Dr. Zbarskaya’s Mind Booster Art attracts people from around the world. Olga was invited to display her outstanding art at conferences, galleries, museums, gala events, private collectors art shows, etc. She has been a guest speaker on many international TV and radio talk shows.


There are myriads of articles written about Olga’s art in international magazines and newspapers. Dr. Olga’s artwork not only enlivens any room and redefines your living style but also helps you gain confidence and improve your mood. Dr. Zbarskaya was spotlighted by The Textbook & Academic Authors Associations, International Libraries, and Institutions for her works. She has served as a National Organization for Human Services NOHS Senior Reviewer, Former Board of Directors Member of Center for Media and Peace Initiatives, and Hunter College Former S.S.W. Alumni Board of Directors. Dr. Zbarskaya has received “The National Society of Leadership and Success”, “A woman who sets the standards,” “Top Ranked U.S. Executive,” “International Diamond Art”, “The NYF Mission,” “Editor’s Choice,” “Golden Sycamore,” “Silver Duke,” and other international awards. Dr. Olga Zbarskaya wields more than two decades of international research, projects, and experiences. Her philosophy has been shared with the world through a variety of books, textbooks, poetry collections, articles, presentations, documentaries, lectures, and more.


MIND BOOSTER ART is truly one-of-a-kind. Scientifically based mind booster images can help you change your perception, improve self-image, evoke emotional and behavioral responses, and spark creative thinking. Every image blossoms with its own temper, attitude, and infatuation, all of which characteristics may be interpreted through a combination of empirical stimuli and interpretive meanings of an observer. How does Mind Booster Art work? Shapes symbolize certain things and are able to boost certain emotional responses and set boundaries. They are able to organize information via obstructions and connectivity. Objects with soft curves convey different moods and emotions than objects with rough edges. Circles represent completeness and promote a holistic perspective. Squares and rectangles convey stability, formality, order, and limitations.


Triangles are dynamic and confer a sense of movement. Based on how they are configured, they may represent either conflict or stability. Abstract shapes may boost novelty and original ideas. Spirals are conducive to creative thinking and original behavior. Curves, depending on their rhythm and dynamic, symbolize movement and change. Overlapping shapes enhance a feeling of complexity and interconnection. As wavelengths of electromagnetic energy, colors can set a certain mood, evoke particular senses, and even control the amount and flow of energy in our mind. While some shades imply calmness and peace, others spur on rational thinking and logic. Various combinations of shapes, forms, colors, textures, dynamic, patterns, and effects of these images can influence and encourage your innovative skills, flexible thinking, and imagination.


Every image activates brain regions responsible for creative thinking. I recommend the Mind Booster images for educational settings, health care facilities, corporate offices, business headquarters, and other environments. This artwork not only enlivens any room and redefine your living style but also helps you gain confidence, improve self-determination, decrease your level of anxiety, and much more based on your individual needs. Wherever they are used, they will help you stimulate the thought process, prevent depression, improve decision-making, build self-esteem, and much more.

Dr. Olga Zbarskaya

Brooklyn, NY, USA

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Saturday, August 24, 2019

(3 - 5 PM)

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