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Kathleen Stark


Kathleen Stark has been painting for the last 35 years.  She studied art at The Corcoran School of Art and Design and Northern Virginia Community College along with taking private lessons.  She also studied art history and was a docent at the Corcoran Gallery of Art for 18 years. Kathleen works in many different mediums including acrylic, pastel and mixed media.  She has shown her work in various   venues in the metro area including a solo show at the Manassas campus of Northern Virginia Community College.  She has also been the featured artist at The Fairfax Art League Old Town Hall Gallery where she regularly shows her work.  Kathleen’s work can also be seen on her Facebook page, Art of Kathleen Stark.


One of my favorite Artists is Henri Matisse.  I love his use of color and design.  I also love the juxtaposition of figures and objects.   Everything in motion and with a joy of life.   This is what I think of when I think of the countries of the Caribbean.  Music, food, laughter, and the sea.  So when I began to think of what I might paint to submit to Caliente, I immediately thought of Matisse.   This is my tribute to Matisse and to the people and culture of the Caribbean.

Kathleen Stark

Springfield, VA USA

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Saturday, August 24, 2019

(3 - 5 PM)

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