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Derek M. Moore

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Saturday, August 24, 2019

(3 - 5 PM)


Derek M. Moore
Born on December 25, 1973.  Raised in North Carolina and now a resident of northern Virginia; career veteran, husband and father of two.  

Art focus: abstract expression of sentiment and emotion through music, photography, visual art/design, and poetry.  

Art Media: acrylic, mixed media, woodworking, textiles, and digital photography
Visual Art Interests: Ethnic ART, Modern Art, Architecture and Interior Design


My inspiration comes from a desire to share emotion through abstract art and music. The exciting world we live in is filled with energy and opportunities...a continuum of action (or inaction) and consequences. I find joy in expressing the emotion I feel when faced with life's choices and consequences. Words don't properly convey emotion in the way art and music can. Therefore, I choose art and music to express what I need to say when words cannot.

Derek M. Moore

Bristow, VA, USA

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