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From The Artist's View

(A Three-Year Traveling Art Exhibition Project)

The International Union of Geological Sciences suggests the planet has entered into a new epoch, the "new man epoch."   Modern human impacts have greatly affected this planet.   These include habitat destruction, environmental pollution, animal and plant extinctions. 

"New Earth Epoch Has Begun, Scientists Say"

by James Owen

- National Geographic Magazine


Artists are called upon now to create art on this critical subject.

Reference material:


Short-Term Overview (24 Months Series Duration) Nov 2020 - Nov 2022

  • 3-D virtual gallery exhibition (multi-gallery shows featuring the different media)
    Each exhibit will be live online for two months, opening the second Friday of that month.

  • an artist video produced for each exhibiting artist (30-50 seconds)

  • a group video (2-3 minutes)

  • personal artist web page on A.I.I. website (permanently live)

  • Zoom reception: a recorded gallery talk, guests meeting with the artists for each gallery (one-hour duration)

Long-Term Overview (12 Months Duration) Jan - Dec 2023

  • Traveling Art Exhibition (nationally and internationally with grant funding)

  • Published exhibition catalog with ISBN for library & school distribution

  • 3-D virtual gallery exhibition reflecting the live traveling exhibition

  • Collaboration with University Fine Art Departments, Geological Sciences Departments, and U.S. Embassies and The Anthropocene Working Group of

  • Massive marketing, advertising, and promotion across the 3-year period.

Eligibility:  This is an international call.  Artists 18 years of age and older may apply.

Accepted media:  painting, mixed media, photography*, graphic media, fabric/textile art, sculpture, assemblage, wall art.  (*Performance stills will be included in photography.)

Retail Commissions:  65% to the artist;  20% to the conservation or restoration-focused charity or group of the artist's choice; 15% commission to Art Impact International

Entry Fee:  There is no fee to submit an entry.  However, there will be a $295  production fee for the selected artists.  Selectees are not obligated to accept their invitation to participate.

Insurance:  Artwork will be fully insured by Art Impact International, Inc. once the art has been delivered to the gallery.  Artists should insure their work while in transit to the initial gallery of this campaign.

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