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 Against all odds! 

Call For Art Entries

Against All Odds!
Black History Past, Present, and Future
An International Art Exhibition
(Opens February, Ends April 2024)


Submission Deadline:  Dec. 29, 2023
Has Passed.

"Against All Odds" honors the strength within the Black Diaspora and has the purpose of educating and inspiring people.  It  celebrates Black invention, creativity, and the rich wellspring of African American culture. It honors the determined spirits who rose above hatred and discrimination to pave the way for future generations. This is an opportunity for artists, regardless of color, to submit art to be shown starting Black History Month, February 2024.

Throughout history, African Americans (and all the diaspora*) have faced immense adversity and obstacles due to racism, discrimination, and oppressive systems designed to limit their potential. Despite this, Black people have made remarkable achievements and contributions in every field - from science and technology, to arts and culture, to business, politics and more.

"Against All Odds" aims to honor and commemorate the monumental achievements of African Americans in the face of Scientific Racism and eugenics. The exhibit will feature works across various media - painting, sculpture, photography, film, music and more - will highlight stories of courage, resilience, excellence and human dignity in the ongoing struggle for racial justice and equality.

Some of the art in the exhibition may confront the racist pseudoscience* of eugenics* and its lasting impacts. Against All Odds! celebrates Black invention, creativity, and the rich wellspring of African American culture. Most importantly, it honors the determined spirits who rose above hatred and discrimination to pave the way for future generations.

Experience what human dignity and creative vision can achieve, even in the face of oppression. Discover the empowering stories of Black trailblazers and creators when "Against All Odds" opens this February for Black History Month.

Selected artwork(s) will:

  • be exhibited in the virtual 3-D virtual gallery (all media)

  • each artist gests a 4-page spread in the published exhibition catalog/textbook with Library of Congress Control Number (LCCN) + ISBN

  • appear in the group & produced individual videos on social media

  • appear in the 3-D gallery artist talk and tour event via Zoom

  • appear on the Art Impact Exhibitions T.V. channel on ROKU and Amazon Fire TV

$0 Submission Entry Fee:  Submit up to three (3) art works. 

NOTE: There is a production fee if your work is selected.

$150 (45% discount for Art Impact International Members in good standing.)  

$275 (for non-members). Join and save!


Friday, December 29, 2024 Submission Deadline

Saturday, February 3, 2024 (6PM Eastern) Opening Artist Talk and Gallery Tour

Selections Notification no later than:  Friday, January 5, 2024

Exhibition Runs:  February 1 - April 30, 2024


  1. Artists of all color, local or international may apply. Must be 18yrs or older.

  2. For your own edification, read the article by Citizens Commission on Human Rights on this page regarding eugenics.

  3. All media are accepted, including but not limited to painting, sculpture, textile/quilt/fabric art, photography, poetry reading, spoken word video, songs, cartoons.  Video files must be less than 128 MB.  Allowed file types: .mov, or .mp4, (.mp3 for audio)  

  4. Images must be submitted in the correct high resolution format (jpg, jpeg, png.) minimum 1MB - maximum 8MB in size.

  5. One entry form submitted per artist (upload up to three artworks.)

  6. No explicit sexual imagery will be selected.

  7. The artwork submitted by the artists may be used for further marketing, publications or exhibitions.  By submitting artworks, the artists agree to grant the Organizers limited Use Rights.  Read Use Rights Agreement Here.

  8. All submitted artworks may not be selected.  Production fees are collected from selected artists only, and this must be understood beforehand.  

  9. As the show attempts to educate the participants and visitors of the exhibition, Artists must read this article about the pseudoscience of eugenics*.

​Art Sale Commissions:  30%

*NOTE:  If you need clarification on this word, please refer to the glossary of definitions found here:  CLICK HERE


$0 Submission Entry Fee

Deadline:  DECEMBER 29, 2023

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