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Art is good for you!
Whether You Make It, Look at It, or Buy It!

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Our Mission
Nurturing Humanity Through Artists

Art Impact® International supports and encourages emerging artists around the world. We facilitate international art exhibitions artist talks, virtual and physical gallery tours that focus on global issues. Our promoted events provide the platform for artists to share their backgrounds, stories, philosophies, passions, creations, technical processes, and aesthetics. This exchange expands their cultural experience and strengthens their creative spirit. We produce and facilitate these events so artists can enlighten, enrich, expand and brighten human culture.

Art Impact's purpose is to Nurture Humanity Through Artists. We do this by developing a stellar population of highly polished artists with great art across the globe.  Artist Development is accomplished by our expansion and increase of quality opportunities for artists to develop, exhibit, and share their creative talents for the betterment of human culture. 

Our goal is to make our members the most widely known, beloved and collected artist group in the world, nurturing humanity with beauty.

Our purposes:

  • To pleasantly and efficiently help the artist survive as the unique being he/she is.

  • To efficiently broaden the artist's platform to show his/her authentic creativity.

  • To strengthen the artist's prospects to flourish and prosper.

  • To promote and publicize the good works of the artist - increasing his/her good standing, reputation and stature in the local, regional, and global community.

  • Offer the artist platforms to shine, grow and so be acknowledged.

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