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Submission Deadline: May 1st


This is the one of the few organizations for artists that seriously addresses the multidimensional tasks of being an artist, from creating the art to how to promote, sell, and extend your sphere of influence. What attracted me to Art Impact first was the motivation behind it: to connect artists through the spirit of nurturing each other's dreams rather than of competing against

each other. 

The various programs offered and the levels of assistance offered are unique. I have not yet taken advantage of all of the offerings, as they are numerous, but over time I  want to do so. Ms. Goodridge has created a comprehensive experience for an artist, an art collector, or art enthusiast. The opportunity to interact with its founder is a wonderful gift . I am a huge admirer of Ms. Goodridge's mission. I feel proud to be a part of an effort that shares in her uplifting spirit of global awareness.  Caroline Garret Hardy


It has been such a pleasure to be a part of Art Impact International (f-Art Impact USA) for over 10 plus years. Carolyne, you are an inspiration and have a heart of gold. Your hands are gifted in all you do as an artist and helping other artists to shine. I was so blessed to be selected to show my art in several venues under your leadership. I'm especially thankful for being selected to travel to Rome, Italy where our art was displayed at the USA Embassy for an entire month. I’m looking forward to working with you and the group. We’ve only just begun. - Wanda Spence


I am a " Proud" member of ART Impact International. I just wanted to say that from  the time I have been a member it has been "phenomenal! " It's  been truly inspiring for my ART Career. Carolyn and her wonderful organization have given me a" platform" & confidence to not only express my Artistic talents but , show it as well. I feel it's an " Honor" and privilege to be a part of such a prestigious organization. I am " proud" to be a member. - Jerome Smith


Before I joined, Art Impact International, Caroline shared with me very important information via telephone to upgrade my social media platforms for better marketing strategies for international exposure. Now, as an annual member, I look forward to ongoing promotions and support as well as interacting with international artists. I would highly recommend Art Impact International impact to any artist of any discipline. - Prelli Anthony Williams


I am delighted to belong and be a part of this Creative Community. I like all that you do and I like how you communicate with us and update us with everything that will be of use to enable us to succeed in our art career.  I am looking forward to all the programmes that you planned for us.  It is not an exaggeration or flattering word when I called you "Blessed Carolyn". God has made you a blessing to many artists and me since we got involved with you and Art Impact International. Our arts have been truly impacted since we met you. -   O Yemi Tubi (MOYAT)


I have been a member of Art Impact International for a little over a year now and I'm so happy that I joined because so many times as an Entrepreneur one feels lonely and isolated and Art Impact International has provided a sense of Me belonging to a Community of Artists to Share ideas and to discuss Challenges.

I was able with the Urging of my cousin George to have the Artwork from Hubert Jackson included in a Prototype/Demo of Music from my father Edgar Redmond by which We are working towards a Multi Media Arts Presentation to include Music, Visual Arts, Dance Routines and Spoken Word.

I also find the Monthly meetings and Zoom Presentations to be Invaluable as a source of Information and continuing process by which to learn and exchange different ideas. 

Michael Redmond


Having a professional video created to showcase my work was a truly positive and inspiring experience that I would highly recommend. I was hesitant in the beginning because I didn't know what to expect, but Carolyn's skills, organization, and professionalism quickly dispelled any concerns. She made it very easy for me beginning the day of shooting the video all the way through the editing process and final product. Once I posted the video, I immediately began receiving amazing feedback.  Now I have a wonderful resource to utilize in a multitude of ways to promote myself and my work now and in the future.  It's the best money I've spent in a long time! - Renee Nelson

Our Mission

Nurturing Humanity Through Artists


Art Impact International believes in the power of art to nurture humanity. Our mission is to support and promote artists from diverse backgrounds, providing them with opportunities to share their creativity and perspectives with the world. 

Since our founding in 2015, we have facilitated exhibitions, artist talks, gallery tours, and cultural exchange programs centered around global social issues. These programs give artists a platform to convey their passions and insights through their art, sparking discussion, understanding, and positive change.

Our aim is to help artists flourish personally and professionally. We provide the logistical support, publicity, and exposure needed for them to reach new audiences. By organizing high-quality events, we connect artists with art lovers eager to be inspired. 

Ultimately, we want to create a stellar, global community of artists united by their drive to enlighten, enrich, and expand human culture. We believe art has immense power to brighten the world.  At Art Impact International, we choose to nurture humanity through artists. Their unique visions remind us of both the diversity and commonality of human experience. Their works reflect our past, capture the present moment, and envision a better future.

If you feel moved to support the arts and foster cross-cultural connection, we welcome you to join us. Let's realize the potential of art to nourish the human spirit.

At Art Impact International, our greatest reward is helping artists feel seen, heard, and able to make a difference in the world. We are deeply moved by what exhibiting with us has meant to them. 

Below we have highlighted just some of the many testimonials we have received from artists across the globe whose lives have been touched through our programs. Read their stories in their own words.
From providing a platform to promote important social messages, to connecting them with new professional opportunities, to simply making them feel part of a community - these artists inspire and humble us. We could not pursue our mission without their creativity, passion, and trust.

If you are an artist interested in joining our family, or an art lover interested in supporting these visionaries, we hope these words resonate with you like they have with us. Together with people like you, we can continue nurturing humanity through the

power of artists.

Look at the global art exhibitions, artists, and cultural exchange programs we facilitate.  Our website serves as a window into the vibrant international arts community we support. Here you will find profiles of diverse emerging artists from around the world, showcasing their background, philosophies, and artwork across mediums. 

You can view details on our past exhibition collaborations with curators, galleries, and sponsors in locations spanning the globe. See pictures and videos that transport you into the experience. Read reviews and testimonials from visitors impacted by the meaningful cross-cultural dialogue our events inspire.

Most importantly, our website connects artists and arts patrons. Artists can learn about upcoming calls for exhibition submissions, programs to nurture their professional development, and opportunities to cultivate cultural exchange. For art lovers, you can discover remarkable new talent, get inspired by their visions of our world, and directly support artists through purchasing

original works. 

Beyond the digital space, we aim to foster real human connection and positive social change. We believe art has immense power to nourish our shared humanity across borders. I invite you to explore the site and join us on this journey!

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Carolyn Goodridge, Founder

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