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Call For Art Entries

What Is Love?
The Elders

International Art Exhibition

This Call for Art Entries is the first of a 22-part Juried International Art Exhibition Series: 

What Is Love? We now launch addressing LOVE regarding the elders, through the eyes of the artist. What Is Love? in relation to our elders of planet Earth, from the ancient past to the present.  How does love, showing love, honor and respect for our elders help humankind survive?  How does love meet the global challenge of Ageing?  How does the artist envision love towards our elders being exhibited in this world? This can range from simply loving yourself if you are aged, retired to loving grandchildren. From portraits or cool photographs of great grand parents to abstract paintings of the ancient wisdom of the rishis. This exhibition provides a platform to discuss and circulate the idea of love about, to or from the Elders.  Express your message through your artwork, the titles, the statements.

To get more education on this subject take a look at the United Nations webpage concerning the global challenge of ageing.  This may inspire a new piece, which may be invaluable to your family.

Selected work(s) and artist's photo will:

  • be exhibited in the 3-D virtual gallery for the artwork

  • appear on the Art Impact Exhibitions T.V. channel on ROKU and Amazon Fire TV

  • appear in the printed exhibition catalog with one complimentary copy

  • appear in the group video on social media

  • appear in the artist personal 60-second video

  • appear in artist personal web page 

  • appear in the 3-D gallery artist talk and tour event via Zoom.

Entry Fee: $0 to submit three (3) art works, and then $175 if your work is accepted.


Exhibition Run:  January 15 - April 15, 2023

Submission Deadline:  Thursday, December 15, 2022

Selections Notification:  Thursday, December 31, 2022

Sales Commissions:  

30% to benefit Art Impact® International, Inc.

Deadline:  December 15, 2022

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