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Zachlewis Maravilla

War or Peace?
International Art Exhibition


Zachlewis B. Maravilla became an author at a young age and published his book "A Splendor Adventure." To him, it still feels like yesterday when he was just a young boy with a dream. He has always loved writing, which offered him a way to share his creative expression. He wants to empower children that dreams do come true, however old they may be. With this in mind, he wanted to portray a message to the world and further spread the message of positivity. For him, one life changed is enough on his path to creating a better world.


My inspiration for writing this poem was from various media. Particularly books and classic poems. I was inspired by Shakespeare's Sonnet 18 for the introductory lines. The purpose of this poem was to spread a message of positivity and peace to the world. For though darkness may reside within, so does the light of peace. I chose the medium of freeform poetry because it is personally my favorite medium for art. It can be used for various reasons and serves as a building block for many other forms of art.

Graphic Shapes

Zachlewis Maravilla

United States of America and the Philippines

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