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Natalie McGuire

War or Peace?
International Art Exhibition


My images are little mosaics pieces of my memory that I capture and share with the world. Photography is second nature to me and allows me to express how I see things in day-to-day life. This gift was given to me by my father.


My photographs are mosaics pieces of my memory that I chose to document and share with the world. My soul�s need to wonder about Nature�s Landscape came from my parent's love of travel via RV when I and my brothers were younger. We believed that the road trip was a part of the journey that you can�t get from a plane. I would sit and watch the landscape go by, as this was our Television. No reruns to watch, just magical views to ignite my child�s imagination insisting that my mind wander. This has stuck with me into my adult life, and how I decide what areas I want to explore. In recent years I�ve noticed the images I�m capturing are symbolic of what I�m seeing on the news about attacks on human rights. These images are examples that I can no longer ignore.

Graphic Shapes

Natalie McGuire

United States of America - Ukraine

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