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Muni Kim

War or Peace?
International Art Exhibition


Muni KIM was born in 2007 in Prague as a twin in a multicultural family. He grew up and has been living in the multilingual family environment, at a lake in a forest. He travelled 4 years around the world by bicycle with a twin brother and father as a family project �Universal Kindergarten, when he was 3 to 7 years old. He started school life in Shanghai for 2 years with all family together. He is a student at an art middle school in Prague and he loves school life. He likes creating art works and writing poems and all kinds of sports, especially practicing Asian martial arts.


The art digital photos were made during the author�s 4 years bicycle world tour. Objects in the photos made author to be very curious and interested in them because the things and scenes on the road were first time experiences in his life.
�War and Peace, Human Rights� are fundamental topics for humans in the course of the human history. They will be the most important topics for present and future global society, too. Thinking enables humans to talk on �War and Peace, Human Rights� is a simple answer because we are humans and beings existing in the planet and universal. At the same time, activities on these topics are our own duty and right as humans and beings.

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