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Lamar Jones

War or Peace?
International Art Exhibition


Lamar Jones has spent his art career focusing�on being an accurate visual chronicler and storyteller of African American life. His work is an amalgamation of figurative representation and abstraction. Central to his�raison d'�tre�is to show�that African Americans are a people of strong values, a community that is hard working and dedicated to growth and improvement. He is currently exploring abstraction and is fascinated by the way this mode of painting is expanding his desire to better understand the complexities associated with the Black perspective. Jones's work incorporates texts, motifs and symbols and engages with issues including self-identity, family, love and other topics that�are�important to the everyday African American. While he understands that Black people are not a monolith, it has become his passion to set the record straight and give exposure to a group who have too long lived on the margins of society and in the shadows of art history. His intention is to communicate beauty and humanity in his artwork.


My work is a juxtaposition of figurative representation and abstract forms. My main practice of painting explores the relationship between society and black masculinity, with a focus on the socioeconomics impact. My paintings express emotions and visual stories of a community often spoken about rather than engaged with. I combine artifacts from my family with oil paint mediums to convey power within bold images inspired by my culture. Abstraction and mark making has become foundational through my works across mediums. I found that abstraction best serves my exploration of painting to freely express the complexities of perspective. These concepts are translated through the various culturally symbolic elements in my work, using layers of materials under textured paint mediums. My intention is to communicate beauty in humanity through figurative representation.

Graphic Shapes

Lamar Jones

United States of America

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