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Katrina Boettcher

War or Peace?
International Art Exhibition


Self taught artist from Michigan. Art came into my life when I was first attempting to get sober. It became my outlet and saving grace. I can do many different styles but my favorite is surreal/ fantasy. Life itself is my muse. I love depicting the duality of things. The canvas is my voice, therapist, and teacher.


When I first thought about doing this I was going to somehow depict the stupidity of war because I�ve always been disgusted by it. Then I started digging into things and realized that war is the only reason we have rights in the first place. It was eye opening to have that realization. There�s always some greedy/self absorbed animal that tends to start a war, in order to retain freedoms there must be a fight. I chose to paint a monkey behind a mask to depict the greed pulling the strings of war. Then there are warriors defending the peaceful free land. The books represent education, the piano for self expression, kids playing to depict fun, and scales for fair trial. I learned a lot while creating this world.

Graphic Shapes

Katrina Boettcher

United States of America

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