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Jessica Ann Shilling

War or Peace?
International Art Exhibition


I am an artist originally from Denver CO and moved to Mexico since I was a teenager. In my early journey I studied Graphic Design and explored the corporate life. It wasn�t long for me to fully understand that I could no longer continue to be in that world. My life took a radical turn which was terrifying at the time but threw me into an intense spiritual awakening and placed me on to my destined path as the artist that I have always been at heart. Since I became a full time artist I have not stopped creating even for a day. Art is my passion and has always been my calling. When you do what you love you stop working. I am so grateful to have art in my life, through art I can express every emotion, dream and life experience. Through art I can release all of it through paint and the artworks help me to discover more about myself.

What inspires me the most when I am making art is my own life journey and all of the emotions, people and experiences. Life has taught me pain, heart break, sadness, loss, forgiveness, self discovery, healing, awakening, and love. All of these lessons are a part of me and I wouldn�t change anything that I have lived.
My inner journey and healing is my highest inspiration for creating.

It is hard to confront ourselves in the mirror and truly do the work, but it is necessary in order to heal and transform. We must shed all of our demons first in order to ascend and transform into the butterfly and our original template free of karma and the matrix programing. We must separate from the ego and start to live from the heart.

The golden age is upon us and I am becoming the crystal that I once was.


This trilogy of 3 paintings is called Spiritual Warfare. The paintings are the story of the Great Awakening from the perspective above. We live in a matrix or lies, a system created to dumb us down and keep us from our waking up to our true divinity. A war against dark and light is taking place. The paintings tell the story of the light worker hero�s whom chose to come to earth to save humanity and to guide them through the shift into the golden age.

Graphic Shapes

Jessica Ann Shilling

United States of America

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