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Indra Persad Milowe

War or Peace?
International Art Exhibition


I am Indra Persad Milowe, a Trinidad born visual artist living and working in Salem, Massachusetts, U.S.A. My art brings to life many of my childhood memories of growing up in Trinidad in the 1950's and 1960's. My interest is in nature, still life and design. I adored my St. Augustine Girls High School art teacher, Mrs. Helga Mohammed from Madrid, Spain. She was married to a Trinidadian. On my first day in her class at age 12, written on her blackboard was: �Art is not only a painting hanging up on a wall, art is in every aspect of your daily life.� These words have stuck in my head ever since. My paintings were chosen for the high school�s yearbook for two consecutive years. At age 15, I painted from nature, orchids on a branch. At age 16, I did a still life, a display of an apple, pear, and a bunch of grapes. Those two paintings and all the incredible reviews that came with them lifted my confidence in my artwork.
There is a personal story behind every one of my paintings. I painted every single festival celebrated in Trinidad as well as all the folklore stories that I heard while growing up. I retired from general, ophthalmic and psychiatric nursing in 2019 after having worked in England, Malta, Trinidad and the United States. Through British Nurses Overseas, I was able to work in different countries. Ultimately, I decided to go back to art during my retirement. I prefer working on canvas with multi-colored and gold acrylic paints.
Feel free to view: Feel free to view: "November 2021 Artist of the Month" at my Artist in Residence Program on: "Art in Harmony with Nature" at Mauser Eco House in Parrita, Costa Rica: Slideshow:
My Website:
My Instagram: erudite67
My Facebook: Indra Persad Milowe.


# 9145 - "The Ship of State".
"The Ship of State" must be steered by ethics and morals.
There is no place for racism, sexism or violation of LGBTQ
rights. Poverty must be eradicated. We must live in harmony
with our environment, including guarding our precious water
supply and growing as much of our own food as possible. A
single payer healthcare system insures the best medical care for
every citizen and should replace our current tiered system,
which insures inequality!
Illustrating both respect and the beauty of diversity in our
culture, the painting depicts a Hindu woman in front of her
temple, an African Christian woman in front of her church and a
Muslim woman in front of her mosque.

Graphic Shapes

Indra Persad Milowe

United States of America

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