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Gerardo Alfonso Piquera

War or Peace?
International Art Exhibition


Gerardo Alfonso Piquera was born in Matanzas Cuba. He attended school day and evening, and studied architectural design at University of Habana and sculpture at San Alejandro Art Academy Superior Institute of Art. Gerardo has several commissioned sculptures on public display in Cuba. His art has also been on exhibition in galleries in Cuba, Spain, Panama, and the United Stated as well. Additionally, he has received many awards for his art including the National Grand Prize for sculpture in Cuba, the Emerging Artist Exhibit at Limner Gallery in New York City and Prix D" Excellence, Williamsburg Art Historical Center, New York


"The value and price of freedom is the life and dignity of humanity"
Freedom is not property, it is heritage, it is respect for the full dignity of man. In it's absence one never rests until it is achieved. It's cost rests on our martyrs for freedom, a better future in freedom, when they die they call for the conscience of the obligation to protect and defend it, to make real life for an increasingly better future for all.

Graphic Shapes

Gerardo Alfonso Piquera

United States of America

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