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Dorothy Napp Schindel

War or Peace?
International Art Exhibition


An award winning author and visual artist, long time theater director, scenic designer and museum educator, Dorothy was Director of DramaMUSE Associates in New York City, where she created interactive theater and drama based programs for major museums. For the past fifteen years she has been an artist-owner of Gallery 14 in Vero Beach, FL. Dorothy attended Emerson College, is a graduate of Columbia University and holds master degrees in Theater Arts and Museum Leadership. She studied art at the Brooklyn Museum Art School, Cooper Union, Studio and Forum of Stage Design, and School of Visual Arts. Her numerous awards include 'River of Hope' an anti-pollution piece chosen for Housatonic River Reflections – an exhibit at the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, and being awarded First Place for 'Unholy Visions' in an exhibit sponsored by UNIFEM – The United Nations Development Fund for Women.


I usually begin with my personal or historic photographs. As they become collages they are purposely fractured to inspire a visceral response to the subject and locale. As a teacher and artist, for many years I was involved in the field 'peace education.' I created pioneering drama based programs working with and for a diverse audience in school, university, museum and community settings. These programs included workshops and presentations developed for national conferences. I co-authored Drama Activities for K-6 Students: Creating Classroom Spirit, a 'peace education' book which contains chapters on: Caring and Sharing, Conflict and Consequences, Bullying and Teasing and Envisioning Peace, among other timely topics. I was active with Educators for Social Responsibility in NYC and was a delegate to the Columbia University Teachers' College International Institute on Peace Education in NYC. The medium of collage enables me to address 'human rights' while incorporating vintage materials and ephemera into the compositions. Now more than ever, I feel that artists have a responsibility to address human rights in their work, especially as we navigate very difficult times.

My first piece entitled: The Solar Winds of Time illuminates happenings in peace and war, cultural events and world renowned icons as we 'swirl' through the decades at a swift pace. The second piece entitled: The Battle of The Somme, revisits a dark time in history and illuminates the horrors and inhumanity of war. It was commissioned by a World War I scholar and depicts a re-enactment in which he took part. The third piece: Deportee is a statement about immigration and human rights and the problems faced now by those from bordering countries who are trying to come to America. There is also commentary about European immigration at the turn of the century - a very different story.

Graphic Shapes

Dorothy Napp Schindel

United States of America

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