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Doreen Read

War or Peace?
International Art Exhibition


I have had talent enough to create my artistic visions in the following venues: graphic design, custom stained windows and now on a canvas. I currently work with Pebeo Fantasy. This medium is unique for the fact this company, Pebeo, which is located in France. They adds an element which creates either a honeycomb or hammered effect within a specific color.


My piece entitled 'Bodhisattva of the Earth' reflects the need to listen to this planet at it's basic core. We, as a a dominant species, know we have the responsibility to correct all the damage done. By definition a 'bodhisattva is a being compassionately refraining from entering nirvana in order to save others.' This entity shows the world possibilities. All we have to do is come together.

Graphic Shapes

Doreen Read

United States of America

Original or Fine Art Prints Available?

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