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Ani Assatourian

War or Peace?
International Art Exhibition


Ani Assatorian was born in 1983 in Tehran, Iran. She obtained her bachelor degree in translation but her future had a different carrier plan for her. She happened to stumble upon the fact that she had an innate sense of smell and understood complexities in olfactory notes. Soon she was discovered by a famous fragrance house and that was the beginning of an amazing career journey for her. She studied artistry of the scents to the deepest level which later on transformed from business to art and painting. She immigrated to the United States and started using her unique ability to paint and express her emotions towards different scents and create visual art pieces. Early on she knew she never wanted to follow guidelines, rather, to allow her imagination run wild and free. Thus the pull to modern and abstract art.


Painting is a negotiation with my subconscious. I particularly use scents and aromas to awaken my emotions and understanding towards a specific subject, then I turn my emotional states in to a piece of visual art . For this particular pieces , I dived into deepest human emotions and untold stories , the hidden traumas , the unsolved abuses , the gone but not forgotten life experiences and much more. My medium of choice .The process is a constant negotiation with my inner demons. I paint and they ruin it , thus resulting in multilayers .

Graphic Shapes

Ani Assatourian

United States of America

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