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Althea Adams

War or Peace?
International Art Exhibition


Althea Adams is a visual artist who rediscovered herself spiritual and mental wellness, that led to her natural abilities and talents in drawing, painting, pottery, prints, poetry and more. After trying her hand at few mediums, acrylic pouring and acrylic painting is what she uses today for her paintings. Also, these days, learning and drawing and fantasy drawings, using ink, with Indian/carbon ink, acrylic ink, water colours. Her work with photography also assists her with seeing paintings in her photos and she is currently working on to help furthering working with online media. Innovative, creative visual artist expressing her art as a spirit, aspects of reflection of her and her journey . Her visions that are now seen visually as an expressive art form shown through her eyes. Participating in art exhibitions around Vancouver who inclusive of all, such as the VOAF/Touring show and Vancouver Outsiders and Others. Seeking to showcase her talent in Vancouver Community and around the world. The world would give her a label and call her Art and abstract modern expression with African expressions of nature, and expressions of the world around her. However, Althea sees her Art as the spirit, the being of the world inside, within her and the world around, without her, her journey seen visually in expressive art form through her eyes.


I am a visual artist and my art are aspects of me reflections of me extensions of me. I create my art to express continuous aspects of myself and my life visually that comes to my mind or from nature or life around me and my photos.

I created moments of my life of people, nature the world around me and happenings that affects upon me, incorporated into my art.
I created art that shows the depth of emotion inside of me and my journey to wellness, journey of spiritual and physical healing and my evolution.

Many of my creations come from spontaneous thoughts, photos of the earth, nature around me, happenings around me, reflection of shadow seasons, emotions of happiness, fun, and laughter, colours, sunshine day in the life and seasons of.

I created my art to reflect the evolution of the world around me and within me as I see and I feel. My art is unique because I am unique and the art reflects my personality, love of colours, nature, and growth in my soul and the love within myself and around me. Also, because I am and have an innovative mind, thoughts, and my art I create are innovations of my evolution and from many things I see and materials, etc. around; and the innovation helps build the continuous forward movement in my art.

Every season I learn a new method or medium and create, because I am forever changing. Because we are meant to change and and change brings about betterment and growth in one's life and the world, and mastering of their personal art form and abilities to create and gifts and talents.

My Art is an extension of me, they are aspects of me, they are the joy, sadness happiness the light within me, the colourfulness of me, vision of me and the world around me, the ever-changing world around me; from my mind, spirt, heart and thought my art are feeling, my hand movements, my visions, the pain in the brush and the textures and the movements and the colours.

Many of my paintings are focus visual of the eye, eyes interpretation, my eyes seeing and the world seeing with in my thoughts and their through of the eye, and seeing through their eye. And a knowing that everything is from within that we receive, and see without and around us.

Graphic Shapes

Althea Adams


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