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Winston Harris

"Aquatic Adventure Academy" series transforms a treble clef music note to create a female seahorse (Cleopatra) into a fictional character. I've incorporated underwater environments to house sea creatures. Inspired by the uses of natural elements I've created harmony in the composition of these prints and my interpretation of nature and spirituality. The viewer will be introduced to my ideology of what solutions influence marine culture after awareness to resolve the ramification caused from different pollution to the ecosystem. One will recognize the importance and impact used in visual communication to examine contemporary imagery. Visual arts serve as a universal language that opens the barrier and unifies the conceptual theme and innovative technology which allow any interested person to become involved.

Winston Harris

African American

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Mount Rainier, Maryland

Cleopatra the Seahorse
Aquatic Space Camp
Cleopatra�s Cruise Line Shipwreck
Above Water

Save Our Oceans, Save Our Seas


As a native of Suffolk, Virginia Winston W. Harris earned printmaking degrees from Virginia Commonwealth University, (BFA) and Howard University (MFA). (2016-2017) Finalist Artist: Purple Line Transit Partners Project and Sandy Spring Museum (Guest Artist Program). His strategy has been to create a contemporary experiment in printmaking and to challenge his beliefs of conceptual breakthroughs related to historic and contemporary artists. He hopes from this inspiration he will continue to develop artwork of substance. His artwork is currently in collections: USA Department of State-Washington, DC, The Library of Congress-Washington, DC, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC, The David C. Driskell Center-College Park, MD, D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities-Washington, DC, And The Federal Reserve Bank-Richmond, VA. etc.


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