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Leo Tujak

Think that photography is a great thing, it allows you to see something and transfer it to a photograph, but, with some input from the person taking the photograph. By controlling the composition, lighting, angle at which the photo is taken, one can alter many things. But the outcome all photographers are looking for is a 'good' photo. Hopefully the graveyards depicted are going to be reefs, and that will help the whales and other marine life in the oceans.

Leo Tujak


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Floral Park, New York

Boats Graveyard 1
Humpback Whale
Boats Graveyard 2

Save Our Oceans, Save Our Seas


I've gotten much more 'into' photography after retirement. Have had (numerous) showings at libraries on Long Island (solo show @ Manhasset 4/19-6/19). Have also shown at numerous galleries both in US and Europe. And try to find and enter my photos in competitions that have meaning to me, wherever they occur. Big believer in ecology,recycling and saving our oceans (because I like to travel on them so much).


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