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Save Our Oceans Save Our Seas



- Phase II -



Artist Acceptance  & Payment Deadline:  Friday, May 1, 2020
Artists will be invited either by email or by telephone by the end of the business day on Wednesday, April 15th.

Gallery Exhibition Dates:  Friday, July 10, through Sunday, August 10, 2020

Venue:  Mattawoman Creek Art Center, 5565 Upham Pl, Marbury, MD 20658

Art Drop Off:  Friday, June 26, or Saturday, June 27, 2020, (between 11:00 AM and 2 PM both days)

Opening Reception: Sunday, July 12, 2020 (1:00 PM to 4:00 PM)

Pick Up Art:  (Determined date and time to be determined with exhibition chairperson.)

Curator:  Carolyn Goodridge

Title Theme:  Saving Our Oceans, Saving Our Sea (SOOSOS)

The artists are asked to visually communicate and express their ideas about our marine pollution growing crisis.  What ramifications do you see? What beauty and marine and land life are at risk to be lost if positive actions are not immediately taken? What solutions can you share through your art?  Answers to any of these questions are relative to your entry submission.


The purpose of the exhibition is to raise contrasting awareness of the alarming marine pollution occurring in the Caribbean and the oceans across our planet.  We want to remind and uplift the viewers with visual art highlighting the beauty of marine life above and beneath the Caribbean seascapes and connected landscapes. We would like all participants (artists and viewers) to confront what is at stake, the survival of marine life as well as human life. 


According to the World Bank, their data shows that the sea and marine ecosystems are being degraded from marine pollution (including billion pieces of plastic), acidification, and rising sea temperatures. Coral reef degradation is another dangerous threat to the natural capital of the Caribbean, with an estimated annual revenue loss of between US$350 million and US$870 million.

Gallery Selections:  Art selections for SOOSOS will be rated with the following criteria:

  • color design/harmony

  • emotional impact (communicates to the heart or spirit)

  • technique (craftsmanship or draftsmanship)

  • relevance to the theme 

All visual artists 18 years of age or older. 


Accepted Media:
Painting, mixed media, drawing, photography, sculpture, ceramics.   2-D and 3-D wall art.

Size/weight restrictions:
Limits of 40 pounds of weight  and maximum of 6 feet in any dimension are imposed.

Phase II Artist Contribution:  $250 
Note:  Phase II Selected artists receive personalized marketing and inclusion in the group show promotions will be required to make $250 exhibition contribution in order to produce the Phase II show and deliver personalized art marketing services which include:

  • a 60-second personalized artist video (The individual artist video file will be both sent to you directly and uploaded onto the Art Impact YouTube channel with the link sent to them so they can immediately promote and share on social media.  The production of this video includes working one-on-one with a video media marketing communications specialist.)  

  • a 3-minute group video of SOOSOS exhibiting artists  (YouTube link may be shared on social media to promote the exhibition in general.)

  • an individual web page  (The artist individual web page is produced on our website and link sent to you, also to promote and share on social media.  This page is also the sales page where collectors may purchase works.)

  • a two-page spread in the SOOSOS art exhibition catalog (One copy will be given to each exhibiting artist with additional copies available - to share with friends and family.)

  • 4 weeks of social media marketing, including daily posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

  • artwork installation either in the Mattawoman Creek Art Center Gallery (feasibility TBD)

  • opening art reception with music and refreshments (feasibility TBD)

Art Impact® International, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that provides exhibition opportunities for artists to show work in high-quality spaces.  We promote the artists and the exhibition which includes spectacular receptions with live entertainment, refreshments and catalog publications.  We extend our best efforts to promote our exhibiting artists in order to attract prospective collectors. We provide artists with tools to boost and showcase their popularity and talent, which will only strengthen their creative careers.  We want to help artists shine, not add to their financial stress.  Art Impact® International, Inc. runs primarily on charitable contributions, so additional gifts would be appreciated. 

Selected Artists' Promotional Benefits:
In addition to participating in the SOOSOS exhibition, each selected artist will receive a back-link of their personal artist website placed on the "Visual Artists" page of the Art Impact® International website.  Art Impact® International, Inc. will promote the selected artists in email promotion, online press release marketing, online event promotions and in social media marketing to art collectors, art gallery owners and directors and related art professionals including art critics.   At least two promotional YouTube videos will be created to highlight the selected artists and their work.  Click here to view a previous video.

Art Impact® International, Inc. will promote the 
SOOSOS exhibit by posting press releases to more than 70+ online Press Release sites and to over 35 DC area newspapers, magazines and radio stations.  SOOSOS will be promoted extensively and have increased website traffic in order to make the community aware of the artists' talents.

All work must be ready to hang.  Artwork requiring special installation requires prior approval.  The MCAC “Framing Standards” apply and can be found on the website.  If the work is not frame-able it must at least have the hanging apparatus in the back, sturdy and intact.  Please do not deliver work that looks shabby on the canvas sides.  We want all work to be presented as beautifully as possible.  Excellence is one of Art Impact® International's values.  All glass must be plexiglass whenever possible.  At the time of the hanging of the exhibition, the curators reserve the right to decline work that differs significantly from the submitted imagery.  Artwork without secure hanging apparatus may also be subject to being declined.

Artwork Delivery Dates (Hand Delivery): 
day, June 26, or Saturday, June 27, 2020, (between 11:00 AM and 2 PM both days)

  • Mattawoman Creek Art Center
    5565 Upham Pl, Marbury, MD 20658


Shipped Artwork:
It may take up to two to four weeks for delivery from countries outside the United States.  Schedule your shipping accordingly to have the package delivered on time. Please let Carolyn know if you'd like to ship your work.

  • Carolyn Goodridge 
    Art Impact International, Inc.
    105 S Cedar Ln, Colonial Beach, VA 22443
    (202) 297-3040


Sales: 70% of the selling price will go to the artist. 25% benefits Mattawoman Creek Art Center, and 5% of the selling price benefits Art Impact® International, Inc.  Online art sales are conducted by Art Impact® International, Inc.  Gallery sales are conducted by Mattawoman Creek Art Center.


While artwork will be handled with the utmost care during the exhibition, Art Impact® International, Inc. will be responsible for lost or damaged artwork during the exhibition, but not while it is en route to and from the gallery.  Artists are advised to carry their own insurance during shipping.


Return of Shipped Art:
The curator will have the unsold works packaged and returned to the artists.  Reimbursements for return shipping expenses will be arranged individually with the curator.

About the Curator
Carolyn S. Goodridge, Founder and Executive Director of Art Impact® International, Inc.  A native of The Republic of Trinidad & Tobago, West Indies. An artist who received her Master of Fine Arts from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.  Exhibited widely, including the Guggenheim Museum in New York City, Hampton University Museum, Hampton, VA, Ackland Art Museum, Chapel Hill, NC, Museum of African American Art, Tampa, FL, and many others. 

Entry into this exhibition constitutes agreement with all terms enumerated in this prospectus, and registration agreement including a commitment to show accepted work for the duration of the exhibition. All of the conditions must be met or work will not be accepted.

Questions?  Contact the curator, Carolyn Goodridge:, 877-772-6045

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