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Members' Weekly Video-Conference Call #2

The story behind "The Great RisingFall" Art Project - by Shantelle Fuller is the subject of today's Member video conference call. Click here to view the exhibition-artist-call-in-progress link.

The Great RisingFall

The Great RisingFall, is an exhibition of both visual and performance arts expressing the thoughts and concerns of minors and young adults of all races that have experienced social injustice in our inner cities. Our nation is facing prevalent times where lack of resources doesn’t discriminate in the eyes of race, gender, disability, and so forth. Families are surviving under “make-do” circumstances with education, housing, food, clothing, and credit. Unfortunately, qualifications to make it beyond status quo circumstances are marginalized by who you are? Where you live and where you came from? While it is easy to express my concern for one specific race (The African American Race) or the minority, I would be forced to look at the mirror unto my own hypocrisy. The truth is a food stamp or WIC card is used amongst all races, cities are flooded with homelessness of no preference of color, religion, sexual or gender preference. Bullets and sex trafficking are not limited to one side of the tracks, so why should we limit the efforts on proper healthcare, education, jobs, and affordable housing for all?

Why must our children and children’s child fear for their future because their parents and parent’s parents were taught how to just survive? In this day in age, families are growing sick of just managing and millennials are fighting back by reinventing the wheel since the “wooden” wheel they were given wasn’t the proper fit for the lifestyle the wish to live and maintain. The Great RisingFall will be an exhilarating experience with raw edge impact shared by the voices that matter the most. Our children. The mission is to spread awareness and offer resources through vendors of vision and expertise, artist nets, and formulation of a true bother and sisterhood that will travel to across cities to reach those whom face social inequality on a daily bases and present them with norms to help them manage and maintain throughout the changes in society both the good and bad.

- Shantelle Fuller

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