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Light of the Caribbean Artist

gary wilson

Artist's Bio

I can’t remember when I was not drawing, sketching, rendering and writing.   History, my Caribbean-West Indian background and the love of nature are my reason, my inspiration, formers of my philosophy.  My hands, my wants and need to create…those are my tools.

At Howard University, I studied Architecture which organized my thoughts and taught me process; however, I needed freedom from the T-Square.  In 1990 Silk screening became my new venture.  While I continued to Paint and Carve Wood which is also a passion since childhood.

I continue to diversify my mediums and techniques and have included Welding and Metal Sculpting.




The responsibility is to emulate or imitate creation, nature being an example.  For examples are ever aface.

Thou art, you are, I am, I can do, I will.

I am also a scribe, a recorder of evidence, history past and current and I must attempt to appeal to your senses. I hope to move you.

-Gary Wilson

Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

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