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george "shomari" smith

Artist's Bio

An assistant Professor of Art and Art Direction at the University of the District of Columbia, George Smith is a prolific artist and lecturer whose creations touch the universality of mankind.

In addition to teaching at UDC, Smith has taught in the D.C. public school system and several museums in New York. The works of George Smith have appeared in numerous one-man and group exhibitions in museums, galleries and schools throughout the U.S. and around the world.


George Shomari Smith considers himself a spiritual aesthetic warrior reflecting the genre of the African Diaspora. A native of brooklyn, New York, George H. Smith received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Howard University and his masters degree with specialization in printmaking form the Pratt Institute. Smith was a student of Professor James Wells at Howard University and Professor Jacob Lawrence at the Pratt Institute.

-George "Shomari" Smith

Washington, District of Columbia

Instrument of Spiritual Significance IV


Instrument of Spiritual Significance V


Instrument of Spiritual Significance VI


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