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Light of the Caribbean Artist

sanjeewa nissanka

Artist's Bio

I live in a rural village full of rustic beauty close to Nittambuwa city in the Western Province of my motherland, Sri- Lanka. I am 39 years of age and employed as a Village Secretary, a high – ranked state position in my country.  I have had a great love for drawing and painting since my childhood and I believe I have an inborn and natural talent for it. I was fortunate to receive my entire education from Grade 01 up to Grade 13(G.C.E. A/L/with art subjects) at Urapola Central College which is a prestigious school in the province where I reside.

I was known as a budding artist during my school days and I was able to win certificates at competitions and schooldays and exhibitions organized at school, interschool, provincial and all-island level. I could gather knowledge about the field of

painting by visiting Art exhibitions held at Art studios and theaters in Colombo –the capital city of Sri Lanka. I observed these paintings deeply, and sometimes critically. I sometimes went to see the same exhibition 2-3 times and was able to have friendly and knowledge–gathering discussions with experts in my desired field.

As an experimenting artist, my preference was watercolor medium and oil-paint medium. After leaving school, I started painting on canvas with oil and Acrylic paint, with the experience I had gathered through experiments, experience

and observation of other great painters. The years 1997 -1998 were very special in my life because I started painting for international level exhibitions and my Solo Exhibitions. Presenting my work at the National Arts and Exhibition Centre and the Open Art theatre organized by the George Keat Foundation helped me to earn a name as an artist. There was a great demand for my work from local as well as foreign Art enthusiasts and I was greatly encouraged by their comments. I received orders for hotels, resorts, residences and there was a special demand for portraits too. As I was developing a great taste for this field, I looked for the opportunities for professional studies in this field. As I was appointed as a Village Secretary in 2001, I was not in a position to be a full-time student of Art. I, therefore, followed a three-year Diploma (weekend) course at ‘Vibhavi’ in Colombo and began to read books on Modern Arts borrowed from the British Council Library- Sri Lanka. My tastes were in vast areas such as landscape, portrait scenery, and abstract paintings.

I had the opportunity to travel to India as an Artist in 2009. The SICA(International union of Art for peace) organized massive Art exhibition to be held in Shanghai in China in 2014. I forwarded my paintings through the internet and I was the only artist whose paintings were selected from Sri Lanka. Only 6 countries out of 46 participating countries were able to receive a Gold-Certificate and I was fortunate to win this certificate for my motherland. I participated in a similar event in 2016 in Dushanbe of Tajikistan and I was greatly appreciated by the VVIP guests who were presented at the above event too. I received the opportunity to participate in an Exhibition and workshop held in Turkey in 2017 and I received a special
certificate there too. In Sri lanka 2011-2012 state art and sculpture festival I was fortunate enough to receive an award for a my creation. I won the many certificates, awards, medals, national and internationally. I have participated to art programs in three times on government TV channels as a guest.  Encouraged by all the support, encouragement and appreciation locally and internationally, I wish to continue my lifetime hobby till my last breath.



I am an National and International artist from Sri Lanka. I have participated in many national and international exhibitions, workshops and symposiums and won medals, certificates and awards. I participated in many discussions as well as live programs on government TV channel as a guest. 

-Sanjeewa  Nissanka

Western Province, Sri Lanka

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