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Light of the Caribbean Artist

dana jurcul

Artist's Bio

Dana C. Jurcul was born in Transylvania, Romania (b.1980s). As she journeyed into uncharted life terrains, she chose to funnel her emotional propensity and tension into intentional and purposeful artistic expression. She founded D’Awakening Art as a connective tissue between her inner and outer world.  Her art embodies deep inner world journeys and discoveries, full of symbolism, insightful messaging and heart vibrations. Her art style can be best described as a fusion of futurism and conceptualism through use of abstraction and symbolism. Dana is quite fond of color, diversity, and narrative and prefers ranges of expression in size and mediums. Dana is constantly experimenting with new techniques and approaches to her art.

Dana refuses to be confined by artistic norms and genre and prefers instead to be known for her deepness, intensity, and rawness that speak to personal and intimate self-discoveries and journeys. Her work relies on powerful imagination and expression rather than formal art or writing training. Through deep inner-work and self-discovery, Dana brings light to awaken humankind and channels it in D’Awakening Art.



I have been fortunate to serve as a conduit of inspirational energy through my personal inner journey. Typically, each of my art pieces stems from personal insight and transforms into artistic expression. Sometimes entire narratives flood my consciousness, and I memorialize them as one piece or series. Other times, I find myself creating insightful pieces custom fit to someone’s needs, based on my experience of them. My artwork also brings a rich surrealistic inspiration based on my own inner word and journey. 

As an artist, I strongly encourage the community to dig deep into their bare soul and allow their true wisdom and insight to speak. As one starts exploring D’Awakening Art, seek to pause, self-reflect, suspend judgment and trust one’s inner guidance. And when the mental chatter quiets down, the answer one seeks will appear one piece at a time. As Albert Einstein once said
, “When the solution is simple, God is answering”.

-Dana Jurcul

Springfield, Virginia

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