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I was born and raised in Brooklyn NY. I was drawn to the arts at an early age, I started sketching at the age of 6. In NY I was surrounded by graffiti. Growing up, I took a liking to graffiti and street performers. It amazed me how free and open it all seemed. I learned to appreciate diverse cultures and lifestyles. Emulating many of the artists from the neighborhood, I eventually developed my own unique style.

I create to show a different side of life. Growing up we were surrounded by negativity in our neighborhoods. We rarely got a chance to see art as we view art today. What influenced me was street art and performers. I realized at an early age that we are the vessels that get to create the beauty. So when I create I like to share the beauty that I see in the world. There are so many negative aspects of our world today. I want to challenge people to look beyond what they see on the surface and grasp the true beauty and nature of what they experience.


James Maurice Jones

Washington, DC

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