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Ross Bochnek

What Is Hanukkah?

An International Art Exhibition

(December 10 through January 31, 2021)


Ross Bochnek holds a BFA in Film, Photography, and Visual Arts from Ithaca College, where he studied nonfiction and experimental media production, video installation, and Modern Art History. He also holds an MFA in Design and Technology from Parsons School of Design, with a Dual Concentration in Multimedia and Physical Computing. There, he studied wearable technology and interactive New Media. Ross has 15 years experience in wearable computing and 27 years experience in projection arts. Currently, he is doing R&D, UI and XR Design, and systems integration to combine Virtual Reality, physical interactive sculptures, with real-time biometric data to connect multiple users for art, education, and healing applications. He is also writing and designing Science Prediction-based utopian futurist fiction with an international team.


I augment original Fine Art, Installations, and Performances with New Media; with influences from Visionary, Surrealist, Psychedelic, Pixelated, and Optical Art. I combine intentional research with an openness to found words, sounds, forms, materials, and textures. I gather, select, photograph, generate, and manipulate planar and spatial imagery, then print, adhere, and otherwise map values, colors, and patterns onto fabrications and assemblages. My interactive installations and kinetic sculptures often include lights, motors, sensors, and controllers embedded in objects to produce both programmed and emergent out-comes. I receive inspirations from visions, concepts, interests, objects, and processes. I seek psychological, social, environmental, and spiritual clues to a unified source, which offer up models for integrating our experiences into.

Ross Bochnek

Ross Bochnek

United States of America

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