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Rosario Weston

What Is Hanukkah?

An International Art Exhibition

(December 10 through January 31, 2021)


As an undergraduate student, Rosario studied Art/Painting/ Sculpture/ Architectural Design at the University of Idaho and Wichita
State University. Then, Rosario participated in various exhibits as well as two solo exhibitions. Rosario was also sponsored by Chile’s Ministry of Tourism to paint a mural in Chanaral, Chile.

During 2020 Rosario’s pieces have been selected for exhibit at the following:
“ We Shall Not be Denied Our Vote” January – April 2020 exhibit at the Loveland, Colorado Museum of Art and Culture.
“ A place in Westicliffe, Colorado” 3rd Street Gallery in Westcliffe Colorado March/April 2020 and presently part of Art In Public Places, Westcliffe, Colorado.
“The Garcia Sisters” July 12- February 21 2021. Bedford Gallery/ Lesher Center for the Arts Walnut Creek, California.
"US West Road trip #3" April/ May 2020 Front Porch Gallery. Carlsbad, California.
"Mountains and Dunes" August/Sept 2020 R Gallery, Boulder, Colorado
"Hope, Hope, Hope"; "The Pallet That Surrounds Us All"; "In Good Company" Art Impact International Gallery
"Brave Girl" Oct/Nov 2020 Curtis Center for the Art, Englewood, Colorado
"In Good Company" Nov/ Dec 2020 Littleton Museum for the Arts.
A dream is stronger than a flower" & " My black and white thoughts in a colorful world.": Redline Gallery for Contemporary Art. Denver, Colorado.


Artist Statement:
I am a new American who came to the United States from Chile at age 10. After finishing my undergratuade studies, I became a single mother; who solely provided for my family it was not possible to develop my painting or sculpting as my chosen story telling voice until 2020. Nature, people doing what comes naturally to them and American contemporary culture and how all these interact with one another are all very important influential subjects to me. More, I had the opportunity to live & work in different countries. My global experience influenced me by allowing me to absorb a collection of color pallets, textures and compositional styles all which make their way to my canvas and sculptures. The recent significant social events in the United States are both important as well as impactful. Focusing on the universal understanding of love, acceptance, kindness and respect is also very important to me.

Rosario Weston

Rosario Weston

United States of America

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