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Ida Mitchell

Artist's Bio

Ms. Ida Mitchell’s current works of art are a blend of contemporary and abstract images using mixed acrylic paints on canvas.  Her work contains mixture of colors created in various tones, movements and texture.   She continues to research and explore paper, canvas and in the mixture of paint and color. She has participated in and sold her work in several regional venues, group exhibits and festivals.



Currently, I paint in full colors that are mix in different tones and movement.  As I paint, I am freely creating directly on canvas different shapes or brush strokes as I go.  I work with acrylic paints in colors, metallics and sometimes sand materials.  It is not necessarily my intention to paint in abstract shapes or forms, but sometimes one form starts one way then changes appears and I follow the direction it is taking me.

I am inspired by nature, colors and people, which is reflective in some of my work.  In my abstract work, I feel these pieces are unexpected; brush strokes that depicts a creature or two are the most surprising pieces that I have done.

-Ida Mitchell

Washington, District of Columbia

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