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Clifford Darrett

Artist's Bio

Clifford Darrett, born and raised in Evansville, Indiana, now living in Dayton, Ohio for the last 52 years, has always had the natural ability to draw, passed to him from his father, who was a very good drawer.  He took classes in drawing, painting and graphic arts at Sinclair Community College in Dayton, Ohio, while working on his Associate Degree for Electronic Data Processing.  Upon graduating from Sinclair in 1973, he transferred to Central State University where he took more art classes while working towards a Degree in Business Administration.   By the time he had received his Masters Degree in Computer Science from the University Of Dayton in 1979, he had gained much from his artistic learning experiences that have served to amplify his natural ability.
By his own description, Mr. Darrett considers himself a contemporary genre artist, whose style is realism.


I am a contemporary genre artist, whose style is realism.  My goal is to paint positive images that anyone would like to hang in their home or business.

-Clifford Darrett

Dayton, Ohio

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