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Tony Rio


Tony Rio


I was born in Havana Cuba. I emigrated to the USA when I was 9 years old. I have lived in Miami, Chicago, and now Normal IL. I received a BFA from the University of
Illinois at Chicago.


The challenge for me in painting the female has been to capture her deep roots of courage and compassion. To speak to the history of her struggle to live in peace and to be able to pursue her dreams and aspirations .

The Depth Preceptor.jpg

Profile of Courage

I was thinking of Bessie Smith the " Empress of the Blues " who was also know for doing things her way, and accomplishing so much against such great odds.

The Depth Preceptor.jpg

Core Strength

I was trying to capture the deep roots of courage and compassion of the female human story.

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Tony Rio

United States

The Depth Preceptor.jpg

Magnetic Field

A powerful force that extends beyond its source and effects its surroundings. A connection to the forces of the universe

The Depth Preceptor.jpg

Rest in Peace

This is an expression of the core strength and compassion of our mothers and sisters

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