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Shefali Srivastava


Shefali Srivastava


Graduated in Interior Designing, with natural instinct and forte in oil-based paintings as a medium on Canvas, Shefali has a fascination for textured and layered artwork conveying subtle yet powerful and meaningful messages touching the souls of human beings. Her iconic work ranges from shades of feminism to Mythology.


Deeply inspired by the idea of contributing to the subject of women empowerment in the Asian community, Shefali's Oil paintings in this series are dedicated to the role and contribution of women in the modern Era. Women have come a long way breaking the confinements of male dominating society, overcoming numerous social and personal challenges to evolve as the strongest pillars of our society in the 21st century. Each oil painting, with its unique colors and carefully chosen themes, resonates and instantly connects with the life of such women achievers in the Girl Power Series by ARSA ARTS.

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Olympic Dream

Olympic Dream of Indian Women

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True Blue Friend

A true-Blue girl is dedicated to women, who have always been loyal and by your side no matter what and how difficult the circumstances were.

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Shefali Srivastava


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Sizzling Red

Sizzling Red Celebrating the success of women in modern society

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Girl In Black

Celebrating the role and Success of Women in shaping modern society.

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