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Lois Moore Blackwell


Lois Moore Blackwell


Lois Moore Blackwell

LOIS M studied Fine Art at Howard University at the undergraduate and graduate levels and at The George Washington University during her doctoral studies. She is a former doctoral fellow. Lois has taught in the District of Columbia Public Schools, Morgan State University, The University of the District of Columbia and The George Washington University. She is a visual artist and a fashion designer. Lois has featured work at The Howard University Gallery of Art, The All-Island Art Show on Martha's Vineyard in Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts where she received the Merit Award, Fells Point Arts Festival in Baltimore, MD.

Lois is a member of Art Impact International, and has shown her work at Pepco Edison Gallery Exhibitions: Chroma, Golden, Carnival, and Light of The Ancestors. She also exhibited her work in Light of Our Future at Children's National Health System. She also exhibited at the Funk Parade Art Rave Gallery. Lois' work is featured in the Transcending Boundaries Catalog, Tri Mission Art Gallery, May 2016, Embassy of the United States of America in Rome, Italy.

During the formative years Lois M, an educator of Textiles, Clothing and Design, English and Visual Arts taught others to create and express their inner aesthetic. Upon retirement from education, Lois began crafting her personal techniques in the world of apparel design and visual art.


As an Artist, I am deeply drawn into my aesthetic utopia. Art fosters creativity which stimulates my imagination, and is as paramount as food and water. Art is a uniquely fascinating discipline that arouses my awareness, perception, emotional satisfaction and it increases my appreciation. Artistically, I am seriously inspired and motivated by change, color, fashion, nature and the abstract as well as realism. As a consequence I allow my hand to portray what my mind envisions. Professionally and personally, art is utmost special and inevitably a significant factor in my life.

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Femme So Fine - Tina Turner

American born - Swiss Singer, Songwriter, Performer: Queen of Rock n Roll and regarded as one of the greatest music artist of the twentieth century. She was inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame in 1991 and 2021.

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Envisioning Song and Dance

As a Queen of Rock n Roll and one of the greatest music Artist of the twentieth century, Ms. Tina Turner shared her story with each movement and verse.

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Lois Moore Blackwell

United States

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Post Performance

Through technology American born - Swiss Singer, Songwriter and Performer, Queen of Rock n Roll, Tina Turner's performance continues in digital e.g. CDs, Mp3's, You Tube, streaming services etc.

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Hidden Personas

The persona of Tina Turner, an American born internationally loved and respected Queen of Rock n Roll continues to inspire, strengthen and empower through her journey as a courageous Woman who creatively overcame personal adversity and whose passion for the performing musical arts lives on in contemporary creative mediums: Recorded Music, Digital, Video, Fine Art and Broadway.

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